my most beautiful day

Anybody who follows me on facebook knows that i have been pretty reluctant about posting my wedding pictures.

A wedding is such a personal event that sometimes back then when i was still singing i always had this strange feeling of accepting gigs at weddings. I was reassured that it was exactly what bride and groom would have wanted so i would go ahead and accept that gig but deep in my heart i always felt awkard and kinda out of place.

So now that i got married myself it was my ultimate goal to keep the whole wedding experience as personal as possible. However,  a lot of young ladies have asked me questions in regards of DIY flower deco, details, dress shopping etc that i have decided to write about my wedding in  my first blog entry.

 Tee and i had only invited about 100 people because we wanted to make sure that we would have the chance to talk to every single guest. Unfortunately a lot of my American and Tee’s Canadian friends couldn’t make it to Austria so we are actually going to have another wedding celebration in Montreal in a few weeks. I promise that i will blog about that too.

But let’s go back to our fairy tale wedding in Austria: if i had the chance to do it all over again i would have probably done some things differently. I suppose that the  relatively small number of guests made me believe that i was capable of doing a lot of things myself. In theory it seemed easy but in actuality i can openly admit that i completely underestimated the stress behind flower decorations and other details. I actually got up at 6am several times to go to the flowermarket in Vienna to purchase flowers for wholesale prices. In the end i did save a lot of money but the ultimate stress i had to deal with especially on the actual wedding day was completely unnecessary. So here comes my advice for future brides who are thinking of taking care of their own centerpieces: do it ONLY if you have enough helpers . when you plan on purchasing flowers from the market don’t forget that you will also need the right vehicle to transport all the flowers and vases. In the end i saved about 700 Euro in flowers only, so you see it’s definitely worth it.

the reason why ultimately my stress vanished is entirely thanks to my family. I come from a very loving family who doesn’t mind going out of their way to make things happen in order to help each other. Prior to the wedding my brother had asked me if i had any specific requests in terms of songs for the catholic ceremony as well as for the entertainment part during the reception. I had two specific wishes : for the entrance and walking down the aisle part i wanted my two eldest nieces, my cousin and my sister in law to play AIR by Johann Sebastian Bach. It has been my favourite piece ever since i was little and it still touches me to the core when i hear it until today. The second request was a famous love song that i wanted my brother to sing right after Tee and i had exchanged rings. I knew that Tee was a huge Peter Cetera fan so the song of choice was “after all” by Peter Cetera and Cher. 

My eyes were filled with tears when my father walked me down the aisle and i heard the amazing sound of Air played by the youngest of the family.

And yet nothing had prepared me for what would happen later on after Tee and i had exchanged our rings and vows. I was all smiles when my brother sang my requested Peter Cetera song beautifully with my cousin. When i looked over i realized that Tee was in tears,  completely overwhelmed and touched. It was my first time seeing him crying . I will never forget the look on his face when he hugged my brother in gratitude.

Tee and his family are buddhist which is why i chose a vietnamese priestso he could explain to them what promising eternal love and exchanging vows in front of god meant. 

For the rest of our wedding we celebrated with our families and friends. We laughed, we cried. We laughed while crying! At 9:45pm everyone was asked to go outside because we had a surprise prepared: an amazing firework. I had asked my high school friend Saskia, a very popular bagpipe player,  to play one of her tunes while the firework was lighting up the sky. listening to her playing “sleeping tune” while watching the little ones’ fascinated faces was simply priceless.

For the rest of the night we, danced, we sang, we laughed. It was very important to Tee and me to show our guests how important they were to us and that this wedding was all about them....and a lil bit about us. I think we succeeded because even days after the wedding i would still receive messages and texts from  my friends who claimed to have witnessed the most romantic, fun and loving wedding they had ever attended.

Tee and i left Vienna after that and headed to Greece for a mini honeymoon. We decided to go on our real honeymoon sometimes in the winter so we could escape the cold weather. Now we are back in Montreal, getting ready for wedding #2 and it’s gonna be the most exciting and fun  event Montreal has seen. Once again it’s all about our guests who are coming from near and far to be with us on this  special day. We will make sure that they know how loved they are and how grateful we are to have them in our lives. 

Below are some photos i have selected for you . all credits go to Weddinghamster and Sandra Schartel