my dresses for the second wedding reception

right after our wedding in Vienna, Tee and i travelled to Greece for a mini honeymoon. it was during that time when Tee asked me whether we should have a second wedding reception for those who couldn't be with us on that special day. i didn't have to think about it for too long because as beautiful as our wedding in Vienna was, i was a little bit sad that a lot of our friends from Canada and the US couldn't be there with us on the day we swore each other eternal love. 

When we got back to Montreal we decided to start planning right away because we were still in wedding mode and didn't want to put it off any longer. within weeks Tee and i spent days and nights brainstorming, discussing, editing, more brainstorming etc. our approach was exactly the same as in Vienna: it was all about the guests which meant eating well, lots humour, lots of music. the only extra we added on was the direct involvement of the guests in order to win a nice gift (a photoshoot with Tee worth 500$)

while we were in the midst of planning the second reception i had originally planned on wearing the same wedding dress i wore in Vienna. the more we got into the whole process of planning and knew what kind of theme we wanted to go for the more i realized that i had to pick another dress. my wedding in vienna was everything i had dreamed of. it was like a fairy tale, complete with a church ceremony followed by a reception in a castle and i wanted to keep those memories special. for the second reception we knew that we didn't want to repeat anything. we wanted the party in Montreal to be different simply because it's a different venue and the mood would be different too.. our venue in Montreal was a banquet hall in a young and modern hotel. Le Loft hotel. i decided to wear something that would fit the venue, the mood, the setting.

i had no idea what i was going to wear but that was being taken care of pretty soon when my good friend Erik Lu told me that he would like to make me a with dress as a wedding gift. 
while Erik was working on his gown i contacted my girlfriend Thuy Lam in Atlanta to see if she could come up with a design for the second dress and she actually ended up making two dresses. once again these gorgeous dresses were reminders how lucky i am to have such talented and generous friends.
Erik's dress was a white silk chiffon gown inspired by old hollwood glam. the fabric was so delicate and flowy.. i felt so beautiful wearing it. i decidede to wear it with the the same belt i wore for the austrian princess gown.
Thuy Lam's dress was a blush charmeuse gown with black lace details and embroidery that surely had an old hollywood glam touch to it too. i decided to wear it with a DIY black lace belt.  fun fact: it had pockets!!! 

in this blog post i am just gonna upload pictures of the dresses. once the official pictures are released i will post them up as well .