the story of our lives

ever since i met my husband who was working as a marketing director for TELUS for 14 years i have learned so much about marketing and advertising. he told me that the ultimate key in marketing is storytelling cause if there isn't a story behind a product or any kind of brand then the chances to sell it would be pretty slim. i realized that in music it wasn't much different because as a singer i would always prefer singing songs that somehow had a story or a message behind it. they were usually easier to memorize and when something is easier to memorize it is also easier to retell and for the next person to memorize and so forth.  
more and i more i would understand that storytelling wasn't the only key factor in marketing or music. storytelling is part of our lives because even as i am writing this to you i am obviously writing because i have something specific to say, a story to tell. 

ever since i got also involved with my husband's passion for photography it has also become my passion. the feeling of being able to transform every person into something special, to make them feel special is indescribable . of course not everyone is a born model and needs some  guidance. i usually suggest all kinds of poses and let the client decide whether he/she wants to follow or come up with his/her own poses. if there is one thing i noticed from day one ever since i started working with my husband is that each client's personal story of life could be so well read in their faces. especially in those cases where i do know the model personally i can see the reflection of their lives/character/ right in front me. it is immensely interesting to watch. sometimes their expressions and moves infront of the camera change throughout the session and that also tells me that these people are willing to learn. i always tell my husband that a photoshooting can easily be considered as a therapy session because no matter how insecure, worried, scared, comfortable or confident the client is the fact that we are trying to make them look good is reason enough for him/her to walk out with an improved image of him/herself. maybe not for the rest of his/her life but definitely for that moment and hopefully at least for a while.  a possible positive influence they could adapt into their lives to maybe direct the story of their lives in another direction, another chapter.