my family and music

music has always played a huge role in my life. 18 unforgettable years on the stage of Paris by night have certainly left a big impact on me. even though officially i am not singing in public places anymore, it doesn't mean that my love for music has completely vanished out of my life. it is still very much important to me and the fact that Tee is also a passionate musiclover (he is a walking encyclopedia when it comes to music) is surely one of the many reasons why he and i get along so well.
music didn't just happen in my life.  it is thanks to my parents that i discovered my passion for singing and it surely helped that my family had a little band when i was still living in Austria. my oldest brother played the drums, my other brother was on the bass, my sister on the keyboard and my uncle worked his guitar. i was about 16 years old when we started touring around europe and played at any function we were invited to. ultimately it was me who pursued a real career as a singer and the band would only perform occasionally. 
when Tee and i got married we knew that music had to play a very important key factor in the process of planning. since i am catholic and we had a catholic ceremony in the church of Laxenburg (Tee is buddhist) i had a list of song requests that i wanted to be played/sung in church. i have to admit that i am truly blessed with this incredibly musically talented family because each one of my requests was  fullfilled. for the entrance and the walk down the aisle i had asked my sister in law, my two little nieces, age 12 and 10 and my cousin to play the breathtakingly beautiful  classical piece "Air" by Johann Sebastian Bach. watching and hearing my nieces play the violin and flute as my father was walking me to the altar made this one of the most unforgettable and incredibly emotional moments of the entire wedding. the ceremony reached  its peak when my brother and another cousin sang a song i had requested just for husband. i knew Tee loved the band Chicago so i asked my brother and another cousin of mine to sing "After all" by Peter Cetera and Cher.  it was my first time seeing Tee in tears, touched to the core. 
the third song that i had requested was a very happy song and therefore played at the very end of the ceremony. it is also the video of this song that i would like to share with you today: it is called "joyful joyful we adore thee" by Ludwig van Beethoven and once again it is my cousin Thuy who sang the solo part. her amazing voice pierced through the halls of the church and as i looked around i saw my sister in law on the keyboard, my brother tapped  an empty box, my uncle on the guitar, my other brother on the bass and my youngest nephew shaking an egg like a rattle. he just turned 3 and is already enrolled in a music school for children because his parents noted his ability to follow beat and rhythm last year.  He loves playing the drums and already owns his own drums set. it is incredibly sweet to watch because you can see the full concentration in his face while shaking the egg.
this is not the greatest recording but i just wanted to share this song with you, so you can see where my love for music derived from and of course to feel the moment that made Tee and me the two happiest, most joyful people.