Family and Friends before everything

today is the last day of the year 2014. i am currently in San Jose for some business as well as for some pleasure since my husband and i decided to leave ice cold Montreal for a few days to ring into the new with some friends and most a place that is warmer than Montreal. Tee and i realized that we are truly blessed to have amazing friends who always welcome us wherever we go. 2014 was definitely the year where especially i understood what true friendship meant.  Tee and i got officially married in my hometown Vienna in August. after the romantic wedding ceremony and reception at Laxenburg we didn't immediately think that we would actually throw another wedding reception in Montreal, Tee's hometown but somehow Tee brought up the idea of organizing a dinner party just for his parents and their big circle of friends. my in- laws told him that if he was planning on doing it just for them then he didn't have to. especially knowing that my parents wouldn't be able to make it they decided to be courteous and made the decision to skip that celebration as well so we could celebrate with our friends only. 

people always say: if you plan on having a destination wedding your real friends will come no matter how near or far.  i have to be honest with you: i have been invited to several destination weddings before but couldn't attend for whatever the legit reason was at the time. i would usually explain myself and til this day  i am still friends with all of those couples. i felt the same way about those friends who i had originally invited but ended up  declining because of their own reasons.   i would never get mad at anybody if they couldn't come to my wedding because not everyone could afford it. it's completely understandable as long as you are giving the couple the heads up so they would have enough time to rearrange everything. booking plane tickets and making travelling plans is always a hassle, not to mention incredibly costly too. Tee and i knew that a lot of our friends wouldn't be able to make it to our Vienna wedding and yet, there was still a small group of friends from the US, Canada and other European countries who didn't mind the distance and costs and actually witnessed the beautiful wedding. pretty much everyone who travelled from afar turned it into a vacation and continued their journey once the wedding was over. 

once we got back to Montreal we instantly started planning for our second wedding reception and we sent out our invitations again. even though canada and america aren't worlds apart i was very moved to see that over 20 people from my camp actually accepted the invitation and made reservations at the hotel where the reception would take place. 

my own family had already put out so much time and money to organize the wedding in Vienna, so it was just undertandable that nobody could attend the second wedding reception. however, as i was doing my speech i realized that i had a certain friendship history with each of my friends and that they represented MY family that night.  i was deeply touched and couldn't stop thanking them.  especially when you know about each person's struggle and know that they STILL made time to come....that's what i simply call LOVE.

in 2014 i lost some old friends, also made new friends, reconnected with old friends and as i am sitting here on my friend's couch in San Jose , i can't help but being incredibly happy and grateful for what each one of them has taught me. i am in no way perfect but i am glad that my friends accept me the way i am. 2015 will be an exciting but also challenging  year. lots of things are lined up for me and Tee and we can't wait start working towards our goals. as much as we will throw ourselves into work we also told each other that nothing, and by that i really mean NOTHING should ever come between us and our friends. family and friends BEFORE EVERYTHING!! 

happy new year my friends!!