Cirque du Soleil, Kurios

I remember my very first Cirque du Soleil show very well. It was in Vienna and around 16 years ago! I had heard of the name before but had absolutely no idea what to expect prior to the show.

I suppose because it was the first time i remember so many things because event though i have seen quite many other Cirque du Soleil shows ever since it will always be ALEGRIA that pops into my mind and the voice of their singer that i can hear so loud and clear singing  "Alegria, come un lampo di vita...."

I remember leaving the theater completely mesmerized and in awe and i told myself that I would try to see as many Cirque du Soleil shows every chance that i would get. Years later when I moved to the US I discovered all the spectacular Cirque du Soleil shows in Las Vegas and got to see quite a few. You can definitely call me a HUGE fan when it comes to this fantastic combo of storytelling, acrobats, music and magic. 

When I met my husband I learned even more about Cirque du Soleil because Tee is originally from Montreal, Canada, the birth place of CDSl. he told me about the history and I was able to see some of their newer travelling shows. Each one them impressed me in their own unique way. 

You can only imagine my reaction when Cirque du soleil reached out to Tee and me a few weeks ago and asked  if I wanted to host a VIP party at one of their shows in order to introduce it to the Vietnamese community since one of their touring stops would be in Costa Mesa/Orange County, home of close to 500 000 vietnamese people. The show is called KURIOS. Cirque du soleil offered to reserve the VIP area just for Vietnamese guests who will have the chance to experience just the best VIP treatment.I have personally watched the show and it is amazing!! 
Needless to say that i felt beyond honoured and accepted immediately because not only do I still consider myself as a Cirque du soleil groupie, but i truly believe that we both share the same values in terms of creativity, originality, love for music, passion etc. 
SO, without any further due i would like to announce the big news: I cordially invite you all to my first Cirque du Soleil VIP Brunch which i call "THE Ultimate Cirque du Soleil Experience of KURIOS with Bao Han" on Sunday the 22nd of November 2015. 

so here is what to expect if you come to my VIP Brunch

You will receive:

* Reserved parking
* Preferred seating (BEST Seats in the house)
* Access to the VIP area via an exclusive entrance 1 1/2 hour before the show and during intermission
* Meet + Greet with Meeeee :-)
* Meet + Greet with several performing artists from the show
* An array of mouth-watering hors d’oeuvres (Brunch with a Vietnamese twist), fine wines and refreshments before the show followed by desserts during intermission
* A VIP souvenir
* A souvenir program
* Enhanced exclusive gift bags
* A souvenir photo
* Private restrooms, terrace and coat check service

You will have:


* Personal Fashion Styling from Bao Han
* Custom-made outfit designed by Calvin Hiep
* Luxurious Spa Package, including facial, manicure, pedicure, massage from Images Luxury Nail Lounge
* Make up and Hair from Kevin Trung Dung
* Professional Photography Session and Photo Album with Tee Tran + Bao Han
* Prize Value: $3,000

SECONDARY PRIZES from Images Luxury Nail Salon: Five Gift Certificates

The drawing will take place during intermission 

infos on where and how to purchase tickets will be announced in the next few days. 

So, are you Kurios????