Everyone is a star

if you follow me on Facebook or on instagram you’ve probably noticed that i have been talking about Tee's photography work and my involvement in it a lot….like a LOT A LOT. ;-) when it comes to photography we both can talk about it forever because it was initially what brought us together as a couple. when i first started talking to Tee i told him that i was a professional singer who loved photography. i might not be good at it but i surely considered it as some sort of therapy because it would always reassure me that even with Parkinsons disease i was still able to capture some nice pictures. ironically Tee shared with me that he loved photography as well but he also loved singing, which he considered as very therapeutic. i know.....a match made in heaven. lol

i was a fan of his work right from the beginning and what started out as a hobby and  common interest eventually turned into a business. there is no greater feeling than being able to do what you love AND sharing it with your partner. i am incredibly blessed to be able to work side by side my husband and even though it is not me who holds the camera, it is me who takes care of everything else, starting from contacting the client, searching locations, concept development and styling. it is a lot of work but i am currently at my happiest because we both work so well together as a team. i don’t have to explain much for Tee do understand my vision and vice versa. we are both like two crazy fanatics on location and we are probably more enthusiastic and excited than our clients themselves. :-D

everyone loves a nice picture because it does make us feel better about ourselves when we see what photography can do for us. it makes us feel like  models or celebrities for a moment and at the same time we understand that since we can look like “them” it just basically means that they probably look like us, average joes, in real life. a nice picture can do wonders, it can change the way we look at ourselves, it makes us want to take care of ourselves better, it gives our self esteem a major boost and so much more. certainly not everybody knows how to move in front of the camera so that’s where i come in because with my experiences as a singer who stood in front of a camera often enough i usually help our clients getting comfortable. however i personally don’t like posed pictures too much so i always prefer my clients to act and move around as natural as possible. especially working with children i usually give them something to play with so they dont get distracted or uncomfortable with two strangers around them. once they get to “play looking at the big imaginary pink ship out there” Tee acts like a paparazzi and shoots without them knowing and those pictures turn out to be the best shots. 

our clients noticed our editorial inspired kind of work so a lot of times they ask for my opinion as a fashion consultant and i started to style them personally which is like a dream come true for me because i LOVE to dress people. it's so much fun seeing the transformation and witnessing their joy and happiness. 

all this time our work was branded as Tee Tran photography but a few days ago Tee decided to change our logo and to emphasize my involvement in our work. i was touched to the core and i am so proud to present it to you below under this post. 

we recently relocated to Houston because the warm weather is just better for me and my condition and also because we realized that business wise we couldn’t have picked a better city. we haven’t really advertised yet but thanks to social media and my postings we have been incredibly blessed with requests from all over Texas. it would be our honor and privilege to help you and give you an unforgettable photoshoot  because in our eyes EVERYBODY IS A STAR! :-)