You are nothing i expected but everything I've always wanted (part 1 of my anniversary blog)

365 days ago i married my soulmate. for the last 365 days i lived side by side my best friend. He is the first man in my life who agreed on relocating to another hometown so his sick wife could feel and get better in a warmer place. due to my condition i constantly need to be able to physically move around so the symptoms wouldn't get worse but the icy cold temperatures in Montreal during winter time forced me to stay in at all time (usually it was me who had to move for a man). Tee had been working in the corporate world for more than 15 years and to give up all that and to follow his wife all the way to Houston/Texas was a major step and the ultimate proof of his love. 
the decision to move cross country was a huge one and naturally we were worried because it basically meant that we had to start all over again. for 365 days we stuck together, worked hard, laughed together, shed happy and sad tears, had heated discussions, comforted each other, made music together, were creative together in front and behind the lens. 365 days of happiness with the man i call my anchor, my rock. i couldn't have made it without him in these past 365 days. i made a lot of mistakes in life but if there is something i did right is when i married Tee 365 days ago. 

the video shows the last part of my speech during our second wedding celebration in Montreal. the sound isn't too good, which is why i wrote down what i had told him on that day right below the video


….And Thank you to my husband. I guess you can say, that the majority here are your friends and they know you well. some of them grew up with you. I only got to know you for two years but i feel like we have known each other for a lifetime. You are my best friend, my soulmate, my lover, my husband, my everything.
You are the one who reminds me everyday that i should take my medication. You ask me everyday “Have you taken your medication?”. You ask me everyday “have you had enough to eat yet? Have you had enough to drink yet?”
I couldn’t do this without you. 
But i know it’s not because of that, that you’re with me, why you are marrying me.  You’re marrying me cause i am FUNNY.  
And because i make you laugh, because we sing together, because we take fabulous pictures together. BTW its not only!! may i remind you: it is
Excuse me!!
But i love you!
I would like to finish this speech with the same words my dad told you when we told my parents that we were engaged. He said: Thank you.....for marrying my daughter!!
Thank you for marrying me!!!! 

Happy anniversary my love!! Thank you for the happiest 365 days of my life! Let's rock the next 365 days and more!!!!!!