it always comes down to....Patience

lately i have been hearing the same question over and over again: HOW do you always find these good deals?? 
to be quite honest with you: there is only one thing that comes to my mind: PATIENCE
i really take my time when i browse through the racks. i have said it before and i'm saying it again: i go through every rack, every size,  because that's usually where all the hidden gems are. another tip is to try things on. even when they look weird or even maybe because they look strange on the hanger, they need to be tried on. 
I recently found a Dolce & Gabbana dress at Nordstrom rack for whooping $59.97. i honestly believe that Nordstrom rack made a mistake here but hey, its not my job to tell them. i went home and started googling the dress with his merchandise number and i was indeed prepared for some good news. My $59.97 Dolce & Gabbana  dress was not only a piece straight out from the last collection, but would have cost close to $4000 retail. there was just no way that the dress i bought cost $59.97 only, but again, it is not my job to tell them, so i bought it ......and ran. hahaha

today was another good find day!! i found this very adorable blush coloured peplum dress that would be perfect for a bridesmaid or even just to wear it as a guest of a wedding. the only problem was, the straps were missing and since my chest couldn't fill out the top part of the dress i had to come up with an idea how to make it secure. i bought it, brought it home and started playing with it.  this is what i came up with. i used a statement necklace from H&M i bought a while back and sewed itt to the dress rightat the edge of the cleavage area. then i cut two long matching satin ribbons and attached at them at both end. i secured them at the loops which was originally made for the straps. 


and of course i had to do one shot with my beloved ribbon because they just go with everything. especially blush colored dresses ;-) 


BTW, all these gorgeous dresses are only saved for my ladies who have booked a photoshoot with Tee and me but good luck on your next shopping spree and don't forget: PATIENCE!! :-)

a new secret project...

I am dying to share  some pretty cool news with you but i CAAAN'T. at least not yet, but what i CAN do is at sharing with you what i have recently purchased that will be part of one of these secretive projects. 
last week i posted a B&W picture of myself laying in the water with only half of my body exposed.  it was a test shot for the real photoshoot which will take place sometimes this week. every morning i go down to our apartment building's beautiful pool and swim a few laps. one morning, as i was standing in the water i looked at the most shallow part of the pool to see how deep it was and whether it was possible for me to lay in there sideways with half of my body still being exposed. it was just perfect. so on a lazy sunday i told Tee to pack up his camera and to come down with me so we could take that testshot.



for this shot i was wearing my black H&M one piece bathing suit and that was it. i knew that for the actual shoot i had to pick something edgier but couldn't really pin point what i was looking for. 
i spend a LOT of time researching online but there is a reason why because i am a firm believer that there are always good deals outthere and that you just have to spend some time researching. by now you you probably know that i am a bargain hunter and i am so proud of that title because it is a fact that retail stores jack up their prices massively in order to make a profit. once things don't sell too well they go down with their prices. i am the one who hunts after these items. 
in my search, i found these three babies here online and i can't wait to try them on. they are not bathing suits. they are body suits but that doesn't matter and body suits are pretty hot right now anyway! all three are from WOW couture. 


Screen Shot 2015-08-04 at 11.14.38 PM.png

All three bodysuits' prices (the yellow is a two piece set) range between  $40- $45 which is very affordable if you ask me. i found them on Nordstrom Rack's website and i don't recall seeing them at the store but you should definitely check out your local NR store. 

I have not decided which one to wear but you'll see the final pick and you'll find out the reason behind this sexy photoshoot very soon. :-) 


Chloe di Leo and i have known each other for more than a decade. when i met her for the first time i just remembered thinking that i had never seen such a beautiful vietnamese woman before. she was the full package: gorgeous, smart, ambitious, a loving wife and mother. Chloe used to own her own boutique, CHIC COUTURE where she carried pieces of very unique brands like ETRO, THEORY, MATSUDA etc. In one of her runway shows Chloe asked me to be model an exclusive hand embroidered gown by CUSTO from Barcelona and i couldn't be more honoured to do that. we both shared our passion for fashion at the time which ultimately brought us back together today.  when i moved away we totally lost contact and i had no idea what was going on in her life for the next few years. i knew she moved to Florida and got married again but that was about it. 
when Tee and i moved to Houston a few months ago i quickly found out that she had moved as well so when Tee's photos started floating around Facebook more and more Chloe reached out and told me that she was truly impressed by our work and that she wanted Tee and me to take pictures for her and her website.. after all these years that i saw her again she hadn't changed much. she was the same soft-spoken and gorgeous woman that i remembered but the more and more we started communicating with each other the more i realized that this woman, who i once considered as almost intimidating to others,, was in fact a very kind, generous and warm hearted human being. she welcomed me with open arms and i immediately felt at ease in her presence. 
once we started working together Tee and i learned more and more about her that made us look up to her even more. Chloe is the CEO and Founder of Chloe di Leo & Co., a fine jewelry brand with clients from all over the world. her personality is just like her jewelry line: precise, gorgeous, clean cut, dainty and most of all fun!! 

I was in stylist seventh heaven when she allowed me to style her any way i wanted to. she trusted me in my choices for her wardrobe so i decided to go for two looks. both looks were chosen according to the jewelry she wanted to showcase. the first collection was more mature and elegant, so i picked a nude Alice and Olivia dress with black lace at the bottom. later on we decided to include her eldest daughter Celeste into the shoot who would wear jewelry from Chloe's more contemporary collection in the photoshoot. Coincidentally i found another Alice and Olivia dress in the same colour but with a more youthful cut.  for both dresses i decided to add my own personal touch and played with both necklines and the audition of a black ribbon. i love ribbons because they are so versatile and can add some extra fun factor to the garment. the second look was definitely VERY sexy. Chloe is in her 40s and at the peak of her womanhood. She is a mother of three and has never been prouder and and happier than she is right now.  below you can see what i came up with as i was playing with both dresses for the first, more mature look.. i can't wait to share the rest of this photoshoot with you. 

to check out Chloe's exquisite jewelry please go to
to visit Tee's photography site please go to

this was Chloe's dress as i tried it on at the store: 

this was Celeste's dress as is:

here are a few necklines that i came up with for Chloe's dress

i like assymetric things so i ended up choosing these two necklines for both dresses:

this is a behind the scenes picture i took with my iphone:

and this is one of the final shots we took for this beautiful mother and daughter duo:

it all starts in the dressing room....

if you follow me on instagram you 'll notice that i take quite a lot of selfies in the dressing room of  clothing stores. at first glance you'll think that i have nothing better to do than spending all my money on shopping and yes, i do spend LOTS of time's just not my money. Hahaha i usually browse through the racks like a maniac and grab all kinds of clothes i believe would look on camera, and then i start sorting them out and send those pictures to our customers. everybody is different. different people, different styles and a lot of times i try on things i personally wouldn't wear but know as a matter of fact that some customers would really like and appreciate them AND would look good on camera.

here are just a few examples of the BEFORE, me trying on a particular dress in the dressing room with a dressing room selfie and the AFTER, the same dress worn by a customer, captured by my husband.  i just love how each item becomes "alive". :-)

and so the styling begins......

After i graduated from LATTC (Los Angeles Trade Technical College) in 2001 as a Fashion Designer i was still very enthusiastic about the thought of designing and creating clothes. Especially as a singer i always enjoyed the time of getting ready for another taping of Paris by Night because with every theme of a song i was allowed to let my fantasy go crazy and create unique pieces with anh Calvin Hiep, the main designer of the production. 
It's hasn't been a secret that i also love shopping but as far as i can remember it has always been my mission to look for good deals and anything discounted only. the ultimate goal to never buy anything at its' retail price became more and more like an obsession which until this very day hasn't changed at all. I started shopping for my friends who didn't necessarily like spending their time digging through racks and racks of clearance items which was even more fun for me. c'mon what's more fun than spending other people's money to go shopping right?
the more i dressed my friends the more i realized that maybe designing clothes wasn't my calling after all. i learend more and more that i enjoyed putting things together that don't have to cost a fortune in order to look good....and so the passion for styling began. 

it has been a mission and an obsession and ever since Tee and i started getting into the photography business i was finally able to make use of my obsession by styling our customers. it's like i said, not everyone enjoys spending time going through rack by rack ...but i do love it even more. i literally go through every rack. even through other sizes' racks because a lot of times customers who have just tried on some clothes rush out of the store and hang those pieces on the next closest rack they can find. the feeling of being able to style somebody and to make him/her feel better of themselves is just pure enjoyment and to see a boost of selfesteem right infront of you is just priceless. 

below are pictures of some customers/friends i have personally styled for their photo session with us at the first picture on the left at the beginning of each row shows how they look like in real life and the pictures next to them is how i styled them for their photoshoot.  if you need  some advice please  in regards of fashion and styling please don't hesitate to reach out. i would love to help you.  you can contact  me through here, FB and IG!!


Fuuuuuurrrr......faux of course ;-)

one of my many bad habits is: if i have an idea or if i see something i like, i have to have it right away or have it taken care of it immediately. in this particular case i have been obsessed with faux fur for quite a while now and it wasn't until recently that i wanted to have a fur collar so i could wear it with any jacket.  finding the right one was a bigger challenge because they were all kinda pricey. yesterday as i was browsing through the racks of Winners (aquivalent to Marshall's or Ross) not only did i find these super uber cute stilettos from Guess but also a cute black fur collar. as i was trying on the shoes a lady walked by and asked me where i got those from and  she immediately went ahead and looked for another pair. nothing makes me happier than seeing others getting inspired by my fashion choices. :-)
i was very happy with my finds but there was still one lil detail that i needed to add to the collar: even though the collar had hooks so it can stay in place i like my collar to have strings so i can tie them around my neck.  i took two black ribbons and attached them on to both ends.  now that this is done and i know that it looks good i'll probably go back and buy a grey fur collar too cause i like the contrast of wearing it with a black jacket or even pink blazer. you can play around with it.

here are some suggestions of how to wear it with. Enjoy


shoes: Guess (purchased at Winners for 69,99$)
fur collar: no name 15,00$ 
black ribbon

black leather jacket: Zara
black drawstring pants: Zara
t shirt: Forever 21
black cardigan: Zara
black leather boots: Browns
clutch: BcBg



when it comes to fashion i am never too tired and never too busy. i am the happiest when people ask me for help in terms of styling. i am in seventh heaven when i get to go shopping for others. i am at my best when i get to share my tips on mix and matching with others, which is exactly why i decided to start a FASHION section. everybody who has been following me on Facebook or instagram knows that i am not obsessed with fashion only, but also with the idea of how to look at my best without spending a fortune. being well dressed and looking good doesn't have to be expensive. in most cases you already have the most essential pieces in your closet and all you need is one new, affordable item that gives the whole outfit a more and updated look. 

in this section i will share my passion for cheap shopping with you AND i want to show you three different looks you can put together with that one key item.  
I also love Makeup but i don't think that i'll create a section for that only. it will be shared on this page also!

let's start with the first item i have chosen for you: a few weeks ago i bought some dark green pyjama like pants with little prints at H&M. i saw the exact same pants in black yesterday and just couldn't resist. the touch of it  was so nice and spending 15$ doesn't really hurt my wallet either. here are the three looks i came up with (btw. the orange top i am wearing in the second outfit, was 7$ from H&M as well. the belt is from Forever 21 so i believe the entire outfit, minus shoes,  didn't cost me  more than 35$).

if you have any comments or questions feel free to share them with me!!