Fuuuuuurrrr......faux of course ;-)

one of my many bad habits is: if i have an idea or if i see something i like, i have to have it right away or have it taken care of it immediately. in this particular case i have been obsessed with faux fur for quite a while now and it wasn't until recently that i wanted to have a fur collar so i could wear it with any jacket.  finding the right one was a bigger challenge because they were all kinda pricey. yesterday as i was browsing through the racks of Winners (aquivalent to Marshall's or Ross) not only did i find these super uber cute stilettos from Guess but also a cute black fur collar. as i was trying on the shoes a lady walked by and asked me where i got those from and  she immediately went ahead and looked for another pair. nothing makes me happier than seeing others getting inspired by my fashion choices. :-)
i was very happy with my finds but there was still one lil detail that i needed to add to the collar: even though the collar had hooks so it can stay in place i like my collar to have strings so i can tie them around my neck.  i took two black ribbons and attached them on to both ends.  now that this is done and i know that it looks good i'll probably go back and buy a grey fur collar too cause i like the contrast of wearing it with a black jacket or even pink blazer. you can play around with it.

here are some suggestions of how to wear it with. Enjoy


shoes: Guess (purchased at Winners for 69,99$)
fur collar: no name 15,00$ 
black ribbon

black leather jacket: Zara
black drawstring pants: Zara
t shirt: Forever 21
black cardigan: Zara
black leather boots: Browns
clutch: BcBg