when it comes to fashion i am never too tired and never too busy. i am the happiest when people ask me for help in terms of styling. i am in seventh heaven when i get to go shopping for others. i am at my best when i get to share my tips on mix and matching with others, which is exactly why i decided to start a FASHION section. everybody who has been following me on Facebook or instagram knows that i am not obsessed with fashion only, but also with the idea of how to look at my best without spending a fortune. being well dressed and looking good doesn't have to be expensive. in most cases you already have the most essential pieces in your closet and all you need is one new, affordable item that gives the whole outfit a more and updated look. 

in this section i will share my passion for cheap shopping with you AND i want to show you three different looks you can put together with that one key item.  
I also love Makeup but i don't think that i'll create a section for that only. it will be shared on this page also!

let's start with the first item i have chosen for you: a few weeks ago i bought some dark green pyjama like pants with little prints at H&M. i saw the exact same pants in black yesterday and just couldn't resist. the touch of it  was so nice and spending 15$ doesn't really hurt my wallet either. here are the three looks i came up with (btw. the orange top i am wearing in the second outfit, was 7$ from H&M as well. the belt is from Forever 21 so i believe the entire outfit, minus shoes,  didn't cost me  more than 35$).

if you have any comments or questions feel free to share them with me!!