and so the styling begins......

After i graduated from LATTC (Los Angeles Trade Technical College) in 2001 as a Fashion Designer i was still very enthusiastic about the thought of designing and creating clothes. Especially as a singer i always enjoyed the time of getting ready for another taping of Paris by Night because with every theme of a song i was allowed to let my fantasy go crazy and create unique pieces with anh Calvin Hiep, the main designer of the production. 
It's hasn't been a secret that i also love shopping but as far as i can remember it has always been my mission to look for good deals and anything discounted only. the ultimate goal to never buy anything at its' retail price became more and more like an obsession which until this very day hasn't changed at all. I started shopping for my friends who didn't necessarily like spending their time digging through racks and racks of clearance items which was even more fun for me. c'mon what's more fun than spending other people's money to go shopping right?
the more i dressed my friends the more i realized that maybe designing clothes wasn't my calling after all. i learend more and more that i enjoyed putting things together that don't have to cost a fortune in order to look good....and so the passion for styling began. 

it has been a mission and an obsession and ever since Tee and i started getting into the photography business i was finally able to make use of my obsession by styling our customers. it's like i said, not everyone enjoys spending time going through rack by rack ...but i do love it even more. i literally go through every rack. even through other sizes' racks because a lot of times customers who have just tried on some clothes rush out of the store and hang those pieces on the next closest rack they can find. the feeling of being able to style somebody and to make him/her feel better of themselves is just pure enjoyment and to see a boost of selfesteem right infront of you is just priceless. 

below are pictures of some customers/friends i have personally styled for their photo session with us at the first picture on the left at the beginning of each row shows how they look like in real life and the pictures next to them is how i styled them for their photoshoot.  if you need  some advice please  in regards of fashion and styling please don't hesitate to reach out. i would love to help you.  you can contact  me through here, FB and IG!!