a new secret project...

I am dying to share  some pretty cool news with you but i CAAAN'T. at least not yet, but what i CAN do is at sharing with you what i have recently purchased that will be part of one of these secretive projects. 
last week i posted a B&W picture of myself laying in the water with only half of my body exposed.  it was a test shot for the real photoshoot which will take place sometimes this week. every morning i go down to our apartment building's beautiful pool and swim a few laps. one morning, as i was standing in the water i looked at the most shallow part of the pool to see how deep it was and whether it was possible for me to lay in there sideways with half of my body still being exposed. it was just perfect. so on a lazy sunday i told Tee to pack up his camera and to come down with me so we could take that testshot.



for this shot i was wearing my black H&M one piece bathing suit and that was it. i knew that for the actual shoot i had to pick something edgier but couldn't really pin point what i was looking for. 
i spend a LOT of time researching online but there is a reason why because i am a firm believer that there are always good deals outthere and that you just have to spend some time researching. by now you you probably know that i am a bargain hunter and i am so proud of that title because it is a fact that retail stores jack up their prices massively in order to make a profit. once things don't sell too well they go down with their prices. i am the one who hunts after these items. 
in my search, i found these three babies here online and i can't wait to try them on. they are not bathing suits. they are body suits but that doesn't matter and body suits are pretty hot right now anyway! all three are from WOW couture. 


Screen Shot 2015-08-04 at 11.14.38 PM.png

All three bodysuits' prices (the yellow is a two piece set) range between  $40- $45 which is very affordable if you ask me. i found them on Nordstrom Rack's website and i don't recall seeing them at the store but you should definitely check out your local NR store. 

I have not decided which one to wear but you'll see the final pick and you'll find out the reason behind this sexy photoshoot very soon. :-)