it always comes down to....Patience

lately i have been hearing the same question over and over again: HOW do you always find these good deals?? 
to be quite honest with you: there is only one thing that comes to my mind: PATIENCE
i really take my time when i browse through the racks. i have said it before and i'm saying it again: i go through every rack, every size,  because that's usually where all the hidden gems are. another tip is to try things on. even when they look weird or even maybe because they look strange on the hanger, they need to be tried on. 
I recently found a Dolce & Gabbana dress at Nordstrom rack for whooping $59.97. i honestly believe that Nordstrom rack made a mistake here but hey, its not my job to tell them. i went home and started googling the dress with his merchandise number and i was indeed prepared for some good news. My $59.97 Dolce & Gabbana  dress was not only a piece straight out from the last collection, but would have cost close to $4000 retail. there was just no way that the dress i bought cost $59.97 only, but again, it is not my job to tell them, so i bought it ......and ran. hahaha

today was another good find day!! i found this very adorable blush coloured peplum dress that would be perfect for a bridesmaid or even just to wear it as a guest of a wedding. the only problem was, the straps were missing and since my chest couldn't fill out the top part of the dress i had to come up with an idea how to make it secure. i bought it, brought it home and started playing with it.  this is what i came up with. i used a statement necklace from H&M i bought a while back and sewed itt to the dress rightat the edge of the cleavage area. then i cut two long matching satin ribbons and attached at them at both end. i secured them at the loops which was originally made for the straps. 


and of course i had to do one shot with my beloved ribbon because they just go with everything. especially blush colored dresses ;-) 


BTW, all these gorgeous dresses are only saved for my ladies who have booked a photoshoot with Tee and me but good luck on your next shopping spree and don't forget: PATIENCE!! :-)