Chloe di Leo and i have known each other for more than a decade. when i met her for the first time i just remembered thinking that i had never seen such a beautiful vietnamese woman before. she was the full package: gorgeous, smart, ambitious, a loving wife and mother. Chloe used to own her own boutique, CHIC COUTURE where she carried pieces of very unique brands like ETRO, THEORY, MATSUDA etc. In one of her runway shows Chloe asked me to be model an exclusive hand embroidered gown by CUSTO from Barcelona and i couldn't be more honoured to do that. we both shared our passion for fashion at the time which ultimately brought us back together today.  when i moved away we totally lost contact and i had no idea what was going on in her life for the next few years. i knew she moved to Florida and got married again but that was about it. 
when Tee and i moved to Houston a few months ago i quickly found out that she had moved as well so when Tee's photos started floating around Facebook more and more Chloe reached out and told me that she was truly impressed by our work and that she wanted Tee and me to take pictures for her and her website.. after all these years that i saw her again she hadn't changed much. she was the same soft-spoken and gorgeous woman that i remembered but the more and more we started communicating with each other the more i realized that this woman, who i once considered as almost intimidating to others,, was in fact a very kind, generous and warm hearted human being. she welcomed me with open arms and i immediately felt at ease in her presence. 
once we started working together Tee and i learned more and more about her that made us look up to her even more. Chloe is the CEO and Founder of Chloe di Leo & Co., a fine jewelry brand with clients from all over the world. her personality is just like her jewelry line: precise, gorgeous, clean cut, dainty and most of all fun!! 

I was in stylist seventh heaven when she allowed me to style her any way i wanted to. she trusted me in my choices for her wardrobe so i decided to go for two looks. both looks were chosen according to the jewelry she wanted to showcase. the first collection was more mature and elegant, so i picked a nude Alice and Olivia dress with black lace at the bottom. later on we decided to include her eldest daughter Celeste into the shoot who would wear jewelry from Chloe's more contemporary collection in the photoshoot. Coincidentally i found another Alice and Olivia dress in the same colour but with a more youthful cut.  for both dresses i decided to add my own personal touch and played with both necklines and the audition of a black ribbon. i love ribbons because they are so versatile and can add some extra fun factor to the garment. the second look was definitely VERY sexy. Chloe is in her 40s and at the peak of her womanhood. She is a mother of three and has never been prouder and and happier than she is right now.  below you can see what i came up with as i was playing with both dresses for the first, more mature look.. i can't wait to share the rest of this photoshoot with you. 

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this was Chloe's dress as i tried it on at the store: 

this was Celeste's dress as is:

here are a few necklines that i came up with for Chloe's dress

i like assymetric things so i ended up choosing these two necklines for both dresses:

this is a behind the scenes picture i took with my iphone:

and this is one of the final shots we took for this beautiful mother and daughter duo: