AVATAR exists

for our first anniversary Tee and i decided to drive to Austin, the city where we had met for the very first time. we actually went back to the same spot where he and i decided to meet after months of chatting on Facebook. life is indeed a box of chocolate as forrest gump's mother used to tell him because you really don't know what's inside or what to expect next. i am pretty sure that if anyone had told us back then that we both would be married and living in Houston three years later we would have just laughed and shaken our heads in disbelief since Tee is originally from Montreal and i was working in northern california at that time.

fast forward. we are working together as photographer and stylist side by side in H-town indeed and enjoying every minute of it. i am not gonna lie: we are beyond busy but we always try to find some time to experiment with photography by searching new locations to capture images from different kind of angles. by doing so  we learn new things and incorporate these new elements and techniques into our work with clients to turn a usual family portrait into something unusual. 

Hamilton Pool preserve near Austin was introduced by some friends and when we saw their pictures on Facebook we just knew that we had to see it for ourselves and let our vision and imagination do their thing. the first impression when i was walkingthrough to the woods and saw small river banks among lush growing trees was AVATAR exists! i fell in love with the movie because of this fantasy world and its landscape that seemed so dreamy, so beautifully surreal that i believed only hollywood studios would be able to create. THIS is the closest you can get to Avatar and we will definitely be back. not necessarily to take pictures but to just sit there and get lost in our own thought as we both had just experienced.